Like you, your dog also needs enough outdoor time. It is a crucial part of their day-to-day recreation and exercise. As the owner, you should maintain a routine of taking your dog for a walk. If you are unable to do that on your own, consult a professional dog walker.

Introduce Your Dog to the Walker:

Initially, introducing your canine friend to a new individual can be challenging. However, when it gets familiar with the walker, it will be easier for both to establish a symbiotic relationship. When you send your dog for professional dog walking in Royston, ensure that you provide the essential supplies.

Essentials that Dog Walkers are Expected to Carry:

Apart from a leash and a collar, a dog walker requires a few important items. You can find them pointed out in the following section.

  • Doggy Treats: Good behaviour by a dog always deserves to be applauded. The simplest way of acknowledging its positive actions is rewarding. Therefore, you should stock the dog walker with treats your dog loves. It is a great way to uplift the mood of the innocent animal. This is also a useful way of keeping it motivated and encouraged.
  • Extra Waste Bags: Even if your dog follows a proper bathroom routine, you should not ignore emergencies. Your dog may feel the urge to relieve itself during the walk. Therefore, you should equip the dog walker with an extra waste bag. Remember that you are responsible for cleaning up your pet’s mess. Even if you take the dog for a walk on your own, keep waste bags handy.
  • Water Bottle and Bowl: No matter when your dog goes out for a walk, they should remain sufficiently hydrated. To maintain the body water level of your pet, you should ask the walker to carry a water bottle and a bowl. The animal would feel the urge to drink water when the walking session ends.

These are a few essential items you should give your dog walker. If you are searching for a professional who can maintain your regular dog’s walking session, we can suggest a name. Collaborate with Hoptonpaws Dog Walking Service, a reliable source for dog walking in Royston. Our team consists of professional walkers who can reduce the worries and efforts to take your pet for a walk. To learn more about us, visit our website today.