Trusted and Reliable Dog Walking in Wakefield

We’ll take your dog for a walk when you aren’t able to. To get reliable dog walking in Wakefield, contact  Hoptonpaws Dog Walking Service.

We have dog walkers whose background has been thoroughly checked before hiring the same. You can rest assured that your dog is in safe hands. We do not mistreat or misbehave with the dogs, rather try to communicate with them and make sure that they get social with other animals and humans.

Hassle-Free Dog Walking Services in Wakefield

With us, you’ll get easy-to-book and mess-free dog walking services. We cater to the needs of many dog owners in and around Wakefield and its nearby areas. Hoptonspaws Dog Walking & Pet Transport Service is a well-known name that offers proper care to your pet when you are not around. 

We have a team of experienced dog walkers who know the pulse of every dog. So, once you’ve handed over your dog to us, you can rest assured of its safety. Are you busy with your schedule? Then contact us to make things easier for your pet.

Our experts can take your dogs for an enjoyable walk in the areas they are familiar with and keep them safe until you take them back.

Get Personalised Dog Walking Service To Cater Your Demands

No two dogs have the same nature. You might come across dogs who might be extremely extroverted and the ones who are extremely introverted in nature. It might take time for them to get acquainted with the dog walker in Wakefield. Again there are others who would be enthralled by the idea of going out.  Some of them love to explore, and some prefer to live within their own ground.

At Hoptonspaws Dog Walking & Pet Transport Service, we have different types of dog walkers who can blend with the changing moods of pet dogs. Our experts have the skill to deal with all of them. We offer personalised dog walking in Wakefield services according to the breeds and preferences of the dogs. This helps the dog to become comfortable instantly.

Why Choose Us?

    • 30-minute and 60-minute slots are available
    • Dog walker in Wakefield
    • Longer duration walks are also available
    • We handle very few dogs in a single go.
    • One-to-one dog walks are offered
    • Dog courier services
    • Your dog will never be walked with strange or street dogs

For more information about dog walking in Wakefield, please get in touch with our team. 

Are you thinking of getting a trusted professional for dog walking in Wakefield? Then there’s no better name than Hoptonspaws Dog Walking. Contact us at

07922 828 942 or 01226 779 533