Your dogs should not stay enclosed in one place for long. They should travel and experience different areas and scenes. Moreover, experts suggest that dogs should enjoy social experiences as well and be exposed to lots of new stimulations, friends, and sensations. These make your pets a lot happier than usual. However, when your dogs are traveling, you need to hire an experienced dog walking service in Wakefield so that they can travel safely and securely.

Below, we have shared how we make your pets’ travel experience safe and secure.

How we ensure safe transit for your dogs

Safe transit is the most fundamental thing you should consider when choosing your dog walker. This is how a safe transit is usually ensured.

Dog crates are the fundamental requirements for a safe and secure transit. They help protect your beloved dog in case the driver needs to make an abrupt stop. Even in cases of accidents, dog crates can safeguard your dog from shock. Hence, we use dog crates in most cases when we have to transport and move a dog.

In some cases, a simple safety harness can also be used instead of a dog crate. However, the dog must not be secured by the collar. In case of an accident, it might cause fatal injury to the dog’s neck.

Below are a few additional protocols we maintain to ensure a safe travel for your dogs:

  • Dogs from different households should be safely placed and distanced from each other. They should not be placed in the same crate.
  • The dogs should be able to stand to full height and turn around in the crate. It is best to supply blankets at the bottom of the crate to prevent slipping.
  • The vehicles are usually air-conditioned. They allow plenty of ventilation. Moreover, the transportation time should also be limited to avoid extensive confinements for the dogs.
  • Sufficient water must be on board and supplied all the time. Moreover, a well-stocked first aid kit should also be available. It is also advisable to have a vet on board.

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